We are a group of East Greenwich people, coming together to create a place for all

“The Star gives me hope that community spaces can still exist and thrive. It helps with connection, tackling loneliness, and serving the needs of many. My partner and I would be gutted to lose it.”

The Star of Greenwich will be a true Public House - where everyone is welcomed and invited to meet others whilst they quench their thirst or fill their bellies at a price affordable to everyone.

Our vision is to create the most inclusive pub in London. We don’t just hope that this will happen - we will take steps to ensure that everyone involved understands that the primary purpose of the Star is not to sell booze, but to bring people together. From training of bar staff, to the food & beverage offering, to the specific community events we run, all will be designed to reduce inequality and improve community cohesion.

Our community hub will exist to bring together different parts of the local community. Whilst housed in a pub, serving traditional pub food and drinks, the aim is to act as a meeting point to build relationships and support for different groups who otherwise would not interact or be looked after in central London.


James is an East Greenwich local, who has a passion for community projects. Working in the charity industry for over 15 years has given him an understanding of how funding and the community development industry works. As Secretary, James has overall responsibility for ensuring that the Star meets the objectives of the Community Benefit Society.
Lisa has a wealth of knowledge about running pubs - having held a personal alcohol licence for over 15 years. She has overall responsibility for running the food and beverage operation at the Star.
Kirsty was the first person to see the notice that the Star was going to be redeveloped. Having been a huge fan of the Star, and the Greenwich social scene in general, Kirsty was immediately motivated to do what was possible to try and save this community asset. Kirsty is responsible for bringing different groups of people together at the Star of Greenwich.